Cheap Accommodation in Latvia

What kind of prices for hotels and hostels can you expect in Latvia? Are the hostels in good condition? When is the best and cheapest time to go to Riga? Do you really have to book in advance to get the best prices? Are there a lot of private apartments you could rent? Here are some tips for booking the cheapest and most comfortable accommodation in Latvia.

Useful Website: Rome2Rio

One of my favorite tools for finding cheap bus tickets is Rome2Rio - an Australian travel search engine. Whether you want to know the cheapest way to get from Rome to Rio, from Beijing to Bangkok or Athens to Santorini - this website will show you the typical bus, train, flight and ferry prices.

15 Ways to Travel For Free

15 Ways to Travel For Free - The Art of Cheap Travel

How many times have I heard someone say that travel is expensive? Countless. With a little bit of creativity you can even do it without spending money. It is probably impossible to travel completely for free for an extended period of time - some things will always cost money like visa fees or health insurance. There are however dozens of things you could do without emptying your bank account . You will save a lot of money if you follow some of  these ideas!

Going to Museums for Free

How to visit museums for free - a frugal traveler's guide!

When somebody says "budget travel" people automatically think of dirty hostels, ramen noodles for every meal and no museum visits. The last one at least is not true - you can go to galleries, churches and museums for free almost everywhere in Europe and find educational and cultural value without spending money. You just have to know where and when to go and here is a quick guide...

Are InterRail and EuRail passes worth it?

Most bloggers who review EuRail and InterRrail Passes are sponsored by them, so of course the internet is full of positive reviews. Truth is: the tickets are overpriced and targeted at people who have no idea about European train prices. Here are my thoughts on whether these rail passes are worth purchasing for your next trip around Europe or not.

Free Things to Do in Madrid

Tired of just walking around the city because you don't have money for entertaining activities? There are a lot of educational and fun things you could do in Madrid without spending any money- including many museums, a free walking tour and outdoor events. Plus: a cool place to see a panorama of the city center that most tourists don't know about!

How to Become a Hotel Tester for Trivago

backpack hostel bed - how to become a hotel tester

A lot of people want to earn money for testing hotels - staying in an amazing location and getting paid for it sounds like a dream job. As you may have noticed this is only an option for workers of the travel industry who studied tourism management. But how can an average person get paid 20 to 80€ to sleep in a nice hotel? Trivago has a pretty cool program for citizens of selected countries in Europe that anyone could participate in.

How to Find the Cheapest Ryanair Tickets

How to find the cheapest Ryanair tickets - the art of cheap travel

Booking super cheap airfare with Ryanair may seem like a matter of luck, randomness and popularity of routes, but it is not, there is actually a pattern - if you know when the next Ryanair sale is, you will find the cheapest possible fares. What is the best time of the year to book? Does it really make a difference whether you book on the weekend or during the week? How much in advance do you have to book? What is the cheapest destination? Here are some straight forward answers!

How to Find Cheap Tickets to Iceland

jökulsarlon iceland - how to find cheap tickets to iceland airfare to reykjavik the art of cheap travel

Iceland is not a typical budget destination - accommodation is rather expensive and due to geographical location flights for 20€ are not available. How much does the cheapest ticket to Iceland cost? What is the cheapest time to travel to Reykjavik? From where do you have to fly to get the best fares?

Cheap Eats in Reykjavik

laugavegur street in reykjavik iceland - cheap foood

Traveling in Iceland on a low budget is possible - you will save a lot if you know where to buy cheap food. Luckily the capital is full of hip independent cafes owned by locals. To get a feeling for lowest possible food prices in Reykjavik, here is  a guide to cheap shops, hot dogs and soup trucks under 4,50€ for a meal. Plus: free bacon if you are in Iceland at the right time.