Free Things to Do in Bergen

houses and mountain - brygge Unesco world heritage site in Bergen Norway - free activities cheap travel

Norway is one of Europe's most expensive countries and it is hard to visit it on a low budget. There are a couple of fun things you could do for free in Bergen, the second largest city in the country and probably the most beautiful one.

Bryggen is the most famous sight in Bergen and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site (on the title picture). It is a series of traditional Norwegian wooden houses from the middle ages - inside you will see souvenirs shops and stores. This is a fun place to walk around, make sure you go inside.

Hike on mount Ulriken and Floyen to see the city from above - the view is stunning. You can use the funicular (11€ for Floyen and 20€ for Ulriken) or go by foot for free - the paths are well marked. Once you are on top of Ulriken you are in a different world - feels like you are far away from a big city. In summer there are a lot of people hiking there, you would have to go further if you seek loneliness. Extra tip: there is a free water tap behind the main building, make sure you take enough fresh water with you. There is also a fun activity on mount Floyen during school holidays (mid June to mid August): a daily treasure hunt! Maps in English are available at the ticket window. Plan the whole day for hiking in the mountains.

Mountain Ulriken in Bergen Norway fjords city view - hiking and free activities
Fjords as seen from the top of Ulriken

Camping with your tent anywhere in Norway is legal and free - good news, you can save a lot of money by sleeping one or two nights outside. On top of Ulriken would be a perfect location, since it is not too far away from the city but feels near enough to the nature. Make sure you don't set up your tent on a swamp or near water though.
There is a free bus from Bergen Busstasjon to IKEA and back every hour. Even if you don't want to go to the store, it is still a free bus ride to the other side of the city. A good opportunity to see the suburbs, especially because normally a simple bus ride in Bergen is 31 NOK (3.70€).
Explore Old Bergen - 50 old reconstructed houses not far away from the city center. Going inside houses costs extra, but taking a stroll is for free. Take a look at what Norway was like 150 years ago and fall in love with the beautiful Scandinavian houses.

Take a walk around Bergenhus Fortress, it is right in the city center. You will also find a viewing platform covered with grass - easy to climb, it offers a nice view of the fjords and the city and is also a perfect place for a picnic or just to lie down and relax.

KODE Museum is free on Thursdays for students (you have to have a valid student ID with you). This is an art museum and exhibits more Munch works than any other collection. There is also some contemporary art in the museum

You will of course find free maps in the Tourist Center and in your Hostel or Hotel.