How to Find Cheap Tickets to Iceland

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Iceland is not a typical budget destination - accommodation is rather expensive and due to geographical location flights for 20€ are not available. How much does the cheapest ticket to Iceland cost? What is the cheapest time to travel to Reykjavik? From where do you have to fly to get the best fares?

There are a lot of cool free things to do in Reykjavik, but you still have to pay for accommodation, flights and food . Here are some ideas on getting to Iceland on a budget:

Getting there from Europe
You will have to fly into Iceland - ferries exist, but they are very expensive so this is not even an option for the budget traveler. Cheapest flights are from Europe: Ryanair doesn't fly there, but EasyJet, WOW Air, Norwegian, Germanwings and Transavia do (other companies do too, but these are the cheapest). Prices start at 35€ one way, but you have to be lucky and very flexible to find this kind of airfare. The more realistic price is 70-100€, but don't pay more than that. Cheapest flights go from Germany, UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, France and Norway. Since you could always reach these destinations without problems, I would advise building one of these countries in your itinerary. Look for tickets on Skyscanner - enter destination and departure and choose "whole year" to see when airfare is cheapest.

Getting there from America
You could also fly from North America to Europe with Iceland Air, they allow a stopover in Reykjavik for up to 7 or 10 days without any additional cost. For example it is realistic to find a ticket from New York (or Boston) to Amsterdam with a stopover in Iceland for 225€ one way. Flights from Canada to other major European cities are also available.

When to go
Chances to find cheap airfare to Iceland are highest in the cold months, outside of tourist season (most people go to Iceland between mid May to mid September). Don't worry, winter is surprisingly mild for the latitude. I have seen last minute flights for 40€ from Berlin to Reykjavik in June. You can't rely on last minute flights though, you have to be rather lucky. If you are planning to tour Iceland in the fall, finding affordable airfare is quite easy. In January you can find cheap fares for spring. If you want to travel during the summer book 2-3 months in advance. During the summer you will logically find best fares for autumn and winter. If you see a cheap ticket book it, otherwise it will be gone.

From Airport to Reykjavik
The international airport in Iceland is not in Reykjavik, it is in Keflavik and 50km away from the capital. There are several bus companies that bring you to the city, but you need to be careful, because some of them are expensive. Don't use Grayline. FlyBus is cheaper, a one way ticket costs 1950 ISK (12,50€) and a return ticket 3500 ISK (22,50€). You also have an option to buy a ticket that brings you directly to your hotel/hostel, but is is more expensive - 2500 ISK one way and 4500 ISK both ways. All hotels are in the city center and Reykjavik is really small, you can easily walk anywhere, so you don't need to book the expensive ticket, unless you literally can't walk because of health issues. If you buy the ticket from the driver tell him which kind of ticket you want. Flybus operates every day at any time. There is a cheaper option: K Express goes to the airport and back 3 times a day for 8€. This is the best option if their departure times align with the arrival of your flight, or you don't mind waiting in order to save 4,50€. I would recommend you to use K Express in order to spend less.