How to Become a Hotel Tester for Trivago

backpack hostel bed - how to become a hotel tester

A lot of people want to earn money for testing hotels - staying in an amazing location and getting paid for it sounds like a dream job. As you may have noticed this is only an option for workers of the travel industry who studied tourism management. But how can an average person get paid 20 to 80€ to sleep in a nice hotel? Trivago has a pretty cool program for citizens of selected countries in Europe that anyone could participate in.

Trivago, the popular hotel search engine gives you an opportunity to earn some extra money for staying at selected hotels if you fill out a detailed review of the accommodation. You have to be a citizen of UK, Germany, Spain, Italy or Austria to participate (read: have a bank account in one of these countries). Just go to the page of your country:

You can test hotels in 30 European cities as an independent traveler. Choose a hotel in the list - available places always change. Next to the picture of the hotel you can see how much a night in the room costs and how much you can earn. Most of the time you will get a 30€ discount for a 60€ booking. Sometimes you can even get 80€ cashback for a 65€ room, just compare the rooms. You will get a fixed amount of money no matter how many nights you stay. This is a really good discount if you are staying for one night. To find a good offer you have to be flexible with the dates and the destination though - just because you are going to Amsterdam, doesn't mean there is a hotel that is looking for testers at the time of your arrival.

screenshot of hotel test page from tivago - test hotels in Europe and earn money
Example of Hotel Tests on the Canary Islands

You have to book the accommodation through the Trivago Hoteltest Page of your country and pay the price. Everyone can see the same list of hotels and payments, no matter where you live. You can stay alone or as a couple, it doesn't matter. At the end of your stay you have to fill out a detailed form with an honest review - it takes about 30 minutes. You have to write a review, but it is worth the discount, isn't it? After the stay the money will be on your bank account within a couple of days - this is a legit and reliable system, a lot of people do it.

Extra tip
You can only get cashback once per booking - but if you travel as a couple you could book the first night on the name one of you and earn the money and the next night will be booked for the name of the other one. That way you can fill out the same form two times and stay for two nights!

Have you ever tested hotels? Would you consider doing it? I'd love to hear your opinion.