Useful Website: Rome2Rio

One of my favorite tools for finding cheap bus tickets is Rome2Rio - an Australian travel search engine. Whether you want to know the cheapest way to get from Rome to Rio, from Beijing to Bangkok or Athens to Santorini - this website will show you the typical bus, train, flight and ferry prices.

Rome2Rio is not perfect, but incredibly useful! The website is good for finding out which bus companies are the cheapest, whether there are ferries between two destinations, what the main train company of the region is and how much tickets can cost. This travel search engine let's you look for all types of available transportation without exact dates.
Don't take the route suggestions too literal though, but rather as a list of available transportation options. Downsides of the website are: prices are not always exact - go to the website of the chosen bus company to check the exact cost on your chosen dates. You might also find special student discounts or see that buying the tickets in advance is cheaper. Sadly Rome2Rio is not a good flight search engine, i prefer Skyscanner. If you are looking for cheap train tickets, only use the Rome2Rio to find out which company operates in the region (the shown prices are exaggerated) and research the types of tickets on the train website.

This bus route is actually available for 22€

Rome2Rio compares a huge amount of bus and train companies really fast and shows you the routes on a map and lots of different means of transportation - I personally haven't seen a better search engine that shows flights, trains, buses and ferries between destinations all over the world. The Australian website is your best friend if you like researching your trips in advance. Also check out my previous post if you don't know whether a ticket you found is cheap or expensive.